Space Lion & Pocket Paragons Round 2 Preorders

Created by Solis Game Studio

Late pledges for our two games in production. Space Lion: Divide and Conquer and Pocket Paragons.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

November Update for Pocket Paragons and Space Lion
4 months ago – Wed, Nov 08, 2023 at 05:11:06 AM

Hello! Here is our November update!

Shipping is back on track. A shipping vessel has been found.  We have been informed our vessel departure date is now November 11th. All games are at the shipping yard ready to be loaded into the vessel.

We are ALMOST THERE. Thank you again for your patience. We will update again when the games arrive at our warehouse. At that point, fulfillment will begin immediately, and we will update again.

October Update for Pocket Paragons and Space Lion
5 months ago – Mon, Oct 02, 2023 at 01:33:32 PM

Hello Backers, here's the scoop!

1.) Production is 100% complete. All games packaged and awaiting shipping and delivery!

2.) Shipping is delayed. We had hoped to move our product onto a ship quite some time ago in late August. We thought we had a slot previously, but we keep getting bumped. We have been very frustrated with this but very close to locking it in.  Once we do, we will update again. In short, we still need to wait for the games to cross the ocean and deliver. 

We are ALMOST THERE.  Once we have the games on a departed boat, we will update again. Thank you again for your patience. We understand how frustrating it can be.

Gen Con
6 months ago – Thu, Aug 17, 2023 at 03:58:38 PM

Gen Con

Pocket Paragons was a huge hit at Gen Con! Check out some of the pictures from the event below.

Brian Mc Kay ran an unbelievable amount of events at Gen Con.
Brian Mc Kay ran an unbelievable amount of events at Gen Con.
Incredible storage solution by a fan
Incredible storage solution by a fan
More events!
More events!
Gen Con Trophy, Summer 2023 Promo Duel Sets, and an upcoming Tournament Prize Dial!

Delivery Update

The games will be state-side this fall and we are incredibily excited! PAX Unplugged will be the first event to feature the new Pocket Paragons content and your games will be delivered a little before then! Thank you for your patience with the delays. We understand how frustrating it can be.

Production Copy Pictures
8 months ago – Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 02:47:25 PM

Hello backers, 

Here are some pictures from our advanced copy from the printer! These were air freighted to us for demos at Gen Con.

This is all Pocket Paragons content fitting into 2 boxes (Unsleeved). If you Sleeve your cards, it will be 4 boxes.

Backer Surveys dropping this week!
10 months ago – Mon, May 15, 2023 at 06:34:34 PM

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience. The post campaign surveys are coming out this week. Please complete the survey so we know where to ship your games. Tomorrow, a few of you will receive your survey's as a smoke screening test for any adjustments we might need to make. Later this week, the rest of you will receive your surveys.  The BackerKit has been combined with our other Kickstarter, Space Lion: Divide and Conquer. If you backed both projects, you will notice both items in your survey and both will be shipped together. If you would like to back the other project, you can do so easily by adding on items in the survey. Thank you again so much for your patience! Shipping is estimated for August currently.

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